Thursday, February 26

Happy Birthday!

Today is Barb's birthday! I think she had a pretty good day, especially since they got a 2 hour delay from the fog this morning. (Yes, I am jealous!) This picture is from 2006 when they came to visit us shortly after we moved here. Enjoy your birthday!

A Sea of Pink

Last Saturday we got a package from my good college friends Anne & Attila. Since Anne is just starting out her 8th month of pregnancy she isn't able to make it to the shower. So she sent our gift early! How exciting! Here are a few snapshots of what they sent us! Everything was cute and as she says "Kid tested and mother approved". Apparently their daughter Mary quite enjoyed the gifts while Anne was trying to wrap them.

Sunday, February 22

Week 27

Week 27 has gone by well. We had a doctors appointment on Friday and everything was good. Even my blood pressure was what it should be, which is a first at my regular doc's office. We finally measured a little closer to where we should be too. Maybe laying off the junk for the last two weeks helped! We started our childbirth classes on Monday night so that was another stepping stone before we have the baby. We have 3 more Monday nights to go and then I guess we should be "ready". Ha ha, we'll see about that.

Chris got back on Tuesday from Daytona, so we opened the surprise package Chuck and Kristen sent us a week or so ago. It was a really pretty green and pink fleece blanket with big flowers on it. Here is a pic. Thank you Kristen (and Chuck, but I am thinking that Kristen did most of the work!). It is great and we love it!

Here is the 27 week belly shot. I look like a goof, especially since Sunday's usually consist of doing laundry and trying to get caught up around the house after church. So I always look terrible. Oh well. Atleast I have on a new pair of shoes. They were a gift to myself since the dogs decided to absolutely destroy my other pair while I was at church last week. Let's just say they are back in their crates while we are gone, they lost their right to freedom.

Wednesday, February 11

I love surprises!

Today when I got home from work there was a package at the front door. Chris is expecting something for the car, so I figured that was all that it was. It wasn't! Instead it was a package addressed to Baby Corwin from our friends Chuck and Kristen! I didn't open it since Chris is in Florida and I didn't feel it was fair to open it without him being here. Thank you to Chuck and Kristen in advance! I am excited to find out what could be waiting for Baby C in the box! Too bad I have to wait a week until Chris gets home!

The doctor on Monday went well. We even got our sonogram video taped......too bad we don't have a VCR! Bummer. I guess we will have to wait to watch it until we go home for the shower at the end of the month! The scanner isn't hooked up either, so I can't even scan a picture of her for you! That will have to wait until Chris gets home too. She weighed in at about 2 lbs 4 oz and her heartbeat was 15o.

Sunday, February 8

Week in Review

We had a pretty typical week this week, nothing to exciting to report. We did manage to get the entire nursery painted and all put back together. Some pictures to show off Chris' hard work are at the bottom. It took me a while to like the colors, but they are growing on me. Once we get all of the furniture in the room and the curtains up I am sure it will look great. While hanging the chair rail and new trim pieces, Chris scared the daylights out of the dogs. They hid behind a pile of laundry for the remainder of the process.

We went to the doctor Friday and I had my blood sugar test, so let's hope that doesn't come back positive so I don't have sit through the 3 hours diabetes test. I also had to have some extra blood taken to test for toxemia and other blood pressure induced issues. Athough, the doctor didn't seem like she was much worried about the BP anymore, since it is always normal everywhere but her office. This side bar is for Abrah...apparently the pan of brownies didn't befriend me like I had hoped....the doc said I gained too much weight last month! Surprise, suprise! The baby's heartbeat was strong at 151 and my belly measured at 27 a little larger than my 25 weeks. I guess I will chalk that one up to the brownies too!

Tomorrow we go to the Maternal/Fetal specialist for hopefully our last appointment there! That guy is expensive! We will get another ultrasound and those are really long ones, so we should get a good 30 minute peak at Baby C in the morning.

Well, here are the nursery pictures and a week 25 picture. And yes Josh, I am wearing the same pair of jeans..... :)

Saturday, February 7

Making Progress

Today we went and bought the paint for the nursery. The pictures aren't great because I couldn't really get it to show the true colors. But it is a light yellow/cream on the top and then green on the bottom. Tomorrow we are going back to get the chair rail to put between the two colors and it will be a neutral brown. We have to paint that, paint the rest of the trim, and then hang the chair rail and we will be all done with that part! Next step will be to get the crib done!

Enjoy the pics. I'll post a couple more tomorrow of the finished room and the 25 week belly!

Wednesday, February 4

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Once again I am posting at work so my picture choice is limited and for some reason I can't make this picture any bigger. I will have to work on that tonight when I get home. But for now, I have to be quick since I am at work. We hope you have a wonderful birthday! We love you!