Sunday, January 18

Quilt Top

After church today I decided to work on a quilt for the baby. I got the whole top done in about 3 hours! I am so proud of myself! That is by far the fastest quilt I have ever made. It isn't perfect, but it is good enough. Here is a picture. Chris promises to post more belly shots later. He took them but won't let me post I guess you will have to wait a while longer....


Micah said...

"It not perfect, but good enough"?! What kind of mother are you!!!!! HAHA

Micah said...

This is what comes to mind after a comment like that:

Baby C: waaahh...waaahh

Mom Corwin: Oh you fell out of your high chair? You're bleeding? Oh, well here's a bandaid. It's not perfect, but good enough!

Cal & Mich

Abrah said...

Um, was that second comment from Uncle Cal? That totally did not sound like Micah, but he did put her name on it too. Cute quilt! You better make one for my next child...whenever that may be. Don't get any ideas people!

Micah said...

It was a combination of the two of us. We're in a strange mood.Well I'm in a strange mood, Caleb's being normal. Must be these 5 DAYS off of work...I'm going crazy!