Friday, January 9

Baby Brain

I didn't have much time to write last night....but here is a quick one for you.

Last night I was making dinner and decided that I would go ahead and cook the chicken breasts I needed to make some cassaroles and chicken and noodles over the weekend. Well dinner came and went and then I started doing other things....i.e - watching TV.

Well about 9:30 rolls around and I decide to go get ready for bed. Still wondering what was going on with that chicken? I wasn't. Until I realized while brushing that it was still on the stove cooking!!!! Yes, those poor pieces of chicken cooked for almost 4 hours!!!!

Just thought you might all get some entertainment from this one.....


Abrah said...

That is funny! No food poisoning for you...that chicken is definitely cooked! Was there any water left in the pan? :) Atleast you remembered BEFORE you went to bed....that could have been much worse.

Brooke and Ben said...

Hey Chelsea! Good to hear from you! Early congratulations on your baby...I bet you guys are way excited!! I'll be excited to keep with your blog : )


Justin and Haley Ramer said...

HA! HA! Oh Chelsea! The "baby brain" only gets worse!