Monday, January 26

23 Weeks

We are now at week 23 and the baby belly is getting quite pronounced, even though my lovely wife came in tonight and said, "I think my belly might be getting smaller." I disagree. While we were taking pictures, Colby decided he needed to get a closer look at what was going on....There have been no real "weird" cravings such as pickles, maple syrup, and ice cream (Steve) just the usual sweets for Chelsea. The baby is going to be doomed to the sweet tooth if the pregnancy diet has anything to do with her likes and dislikes. It seems like once a week there is some new baked good or carton of ice cream (not that I am complaining with the ice cream), but this morning I went to put on my pants and I couldn't hardly button them up. I have been wearing the same size pants since freshman year of high school I think the baby is going to be what pushes me over the edge and forces a new size. I would have never guessed that. Oh well... Cheers to the belly.


Cindy said...

Maybe the Mom needs glasses cause the belly is not getting smaller from this picture. I am so sorry about the pants Dad. You will be your dad before you know it. Ha ha. The Colby picture looks wierd. Love you

Abrah said...

The belly is definitely not smaller! :) You can tell she is growing in there! Good thing you are tall and can handle this giant baby!

Justin and Haley Ramer said...

your belly is beautiful..and you are too! maybe Chris needs to post a picture of his growing belly too! HA! :)