Wednesday, January 28

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Today is my cousin Maddie's birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day and is enjoying the nice weather on the east coast! We are freezing here! Here is a picture of Maddie along with Sarah, Tom, Ella, and Peri. We hope you have a great birthday Maddie!

Monday, January 26

23 Weeks

We are now at week 23 and the baby belly is getting quite pronounced, even though my lovely wife came in tonight and said, "I think my belly might be getting smaller." I disagree. While we were taking pictures, Colby decided he needed to get a closer look at what was going on....There have been no real "weird" cravings such as pickles, maple syrup, and ice cream (Steve) just the usual sweets for Chelsea. The baby is going to be doomed to the sweet tooth if the pregnancy diet has anything to do with her likes and dislikes. It seems like once a week there is some new baked good or carton of ice cream (not that I am complaining with the ice cream), but this morning I went to put on my pants and I couldn't hardly button them up. I have been wearing the same size pants since freshman year of high school I think the baby is going to be what pushes me over the edge and forces a new size. I would have never guessed that. Oh well... Cheers to the belly.

Sunday, January 18

22 Weeks

Without further ado I give you 22 weeks. (not really much difference from 21 though, as far as I can tell)

Quilt Top

After church today I decided to work on a quilt for the baby. I got the whole top done in about 3 hours! I am so proud of myself! That is by far the fastest quilt I have ever made. It isn't perfect, but it is good enough. Here is a picture. Chris promises to post more belly shots later. He took them but won't let me post I guess you will have to wait a while longer....

Saturday, January 17


This morning we went out and got our first "complete" piece of furniture for the baby's room. We found this dresser last week while we were out shopping and decided we liked it and it matched the stain we are going to use on the crib. And it's an antique and was less than a 100 bucks! We really like it and its character....what do you think?

Thursday, January 15

Need a Kleenex Anyone?

Last Saturday we decided to start leaving the dogs out of their crates for a few hours at a time. Our hopes were that we could get them used to being on their own without destroying the house before the baby comes. Our house is so small we really don't have room for their crates once we move in all the baby furniture down the road. The weekend went well as did Monday and Tuesday. I ended up running home at lunch each day to let them outside and make sure they hadn't eaten the couch or something. Yesterday I decided I didn't feel like driving home, it was cold and I figured "Oh what the heck, they'll be fine!". Turns out that wasn't such a great idea. I got home and found a box of Kleenex destroyed all over the living room floor. Even the box was ripped in to little pieces. We haven't given up yet, but we'll see how many more surprises I have to clean up when I get home......

Wednesday, January 14

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today is Dave Mac's birthday! I didn't get our card in the mail on time, so I figured I would make today's post a tribute to Dave's birthday! Happy Birthday, Dave! I hope it is nice and warm in Texas!

Monday, January 12

Halfway There

Here is a stack of sanded lumber for the crib. After tonight I am almost halfway there on sanding. Thank goodness I am not going to be working on this thing for 9 months.

Since I have been requested to post the side shot, here is the profile of my lovely wife, she is just over halfway there.

Sunday, January 11

The Baby Belly @ 21 Weeks

As promised, here are the long awaited pictures of the belly.
Posted by Chris

Looking Back at this Week

This week has been busy for us, hence the lack of postings. Wednesday we had a doctor's appointment and all went well. We had another sonogram since at our last appointment the nurse wrote that she couldn't see the baby's face so we could get a free look at our baby at this visit. She is doing well just getting bigger! Her estimated weight was 1 pound, 2 ounces. Her foot was about 1.5 inches long. She is in the 98th percentile for weight and height. We are hoping that her growing slows down soon so that we don't have a 10 pound baby. Every time the doctor mentions that I just cringe! :) I tried to scan in an ultrasound picture so you could see her, but we can't get the printer to scan. Maybe another day.
This week Chris has been working like crazy to get some of the crib finished. For those of you that may not know, he is making the crib with the help of his dad. We found a pattern online and some really neat Oak to make it out of. We think it is going to look great when it is all done. Here are a few snapshots of Chris working out in the garage.

Today after church we went to The Peddler's Way in Washington to pick out some material to make the bedding for the baby's room. It took a while, but we finally found some that we absolutely loved! Here is a sneak peak.

Friday, January 9

Baby Brain

I didn't have much time to write last night....but here is a quick one for you.

Last night I was making dinner and decided that I would go ahead and cook the chicken breasts I needed to make some cassaroles and chicken and noodles over the weekend. Well dinner came and went and then I started doing other things....i.e - watching TV.

Well about 9:30 rolls around and I decide to go get ready for bed. Still wondering what was going on with that chicken? I wasn't. Until I realized while brushing that it was still on the stove cooking!!!! Yes, those poor pieces of chicken cooked for almost 4 hours!!!!

Just thought you might all get some entertainment from this one.....

Tuesday, January 6

Post #1

Here you go everyone! The first post. I plan to do more work on the background, etc., tomorrow when I get more time.

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I should be able to upload a new ultrasound photo as well! I know you will all be excited for that. It is just an appointment with the regular doctor tomorrow and their pictures aren't usually as good, but we'll see.

For now, I am going to get a snack and watch an all new Law & Order.